Words from the CEO

Our life is marked by moments...

...some bad, some good, but whatever the moment or circumstance we have to wait in the Lord Jesus Christ the answer, believe, pray, obey and serve him, loving each other. We believe it to be the path to a better live, more quality moments, peace and happiness, and it’s with this philosophy that we present you Hair Exttratus to our collaborators, clients, suppliers and partners.

A few years ago we started small and went through had moments, fighting ones, but never losing our Faith. We built a huge network; learned a lot from our clients, suppliers and collaborators; built a multidisciplinary crew, managing to form a talent selection. Nowadays we can comfortably say that we have a solid company with highly capable people through different levels of competence, as in the indoors such as outdoors workplace of our company.

We are ready for the WORLD market! Big projects are being implanted and we rigorously accomplished the bold planning for the next 05 years: the target is to generate more jobs and income to Brazil and countries where our brand Hair Exttratus is inserted, multiply the resources and distribute them accordingly to each person that is a part of this big company.


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